Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Wedding

Well I can't believe it is all over. The most beautiful wedding I have ever been to. The Bride and Groom never stopped smiling all day. My baby looked so handsome and my new daughter looked gorgeous. Hew gown was beautiful. My daughter also looked gorgeous. I felt truly blessed and so proud. Tears flowed as freely as the champagne, Nina mom (Sue) my self and Sarah Got all emotional. We all had breakfast together this morning. They are off to Vegas tomorrow morning. It was great seeing all the family from Ireland and relatives of Nina's from Canada. I met my great niece for the first time wee Kate Olivia who will be 3 on 1st April. What a doll. I don't have any photo's of Terence and myself as I never asked anyone to take some with my camera. There are loads floating around and I will get one eventually. Anyway here are just a few.


  1. Beautifull pictures xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Yes I agree.....glad it all went well for you xx (and them) xx