Monday, 18 June 2012

50 years young

We had a really lovely day yesterday for Fathers day. Sarah, Kieron and Nina came to lunch. John had to work or it would have been a full set. Having the kids round always buck us up.  Terence had some lovely presents. To many he says.  Thats ok I'll take the choccies off his hands. That will one less thing for him to worry about lol. I have finished the order for the 50th birthday.  Here are the last two. hope you like them.

Please leave me a comment if you like them, or if you don't please tell me why xxx


  1. Pretty cards ... very classy well done x

  2. Lovely Joan they are both beautiful but going to say second one my fave, but only because I love pink cx

  3. awww these are lovely Joan, the first one is my fave, i like how you've panelled the image into three, things like that always draw my eye :)

  4. Both cards are pretty gorgeous Joan ... Glad you all had a super time yesterday and you managed to get a 'gift' yourself on Fathers day! lol x
    E xxx