Monday, 30 April 2012

40 years young.

Hi fans, hahaha, hope you are all well, and keeping  warm and dry. in this slit your throat weather we are having lately. Having said that the sun is doing it's best to come out. But the wind is very strong here on top of my hill.
This is a card I have made  my Niece for her big birthday.  The image is a JS would you know.  From her Enchanted Dreams cd. Taurus the Bull, from the Horoscope section.  The corners and the flowers were very kindly given to me by Marilyn. I used my duster brushes and distress inks to shade them, and the edges of the card.


  1. thats a lovely card joan, Im a sucker for pastles :)

  2. Very pretty, I'm sure she'll love it!

  3. Lovely card, Joan. All the elements go together so well. xx

  4. Love it Joan, the colours are so delicate and co-ordinate lovely
    Di x

  5. This is very pretty Joan... I like the shading, it adds an extra dimension .... love it ... Fabulous darling !!!