Monday, 23 April 2012

Scrapping again

Well I have spent the last couple of days getting my pc back into reasonable working order. Haven't had any inclination to make cards. So I do CAP scrapping for relaxation. I love it. This one is my daughter 13 years ago. She looks a bit different now as she had dyed her hair dark brown. She know how I feel about it but that is another story. lol

                                                                     I love this particular photo.


  1. Joan... Scrapping really suits you. This LO is beautifully put together. Well balanced, great colour palette, very attractive and with a stunning picture.. I can see you love scrapping! .... It shows xxx

  2. This absolutely stunning Joan xx

  3. A lovely scrapbook page, and a lovely photo of Sarah xx (I noticed her hair was dark on the photies)

  4. Thanks ladies. Comments are very much appreciated, and you are right I do love doing scrapping. xxx