Saturday, 13 October 2012

Hello everyone I am really thrilled to have received two awards from a fellow blogger Trudi (TrudiScrumptious), The Sunshine Award and The Lovely Blog Award. (These are the first I have ever received)
 Both of these awards come with some rules:
 I am to publicly thank the people who gave them to me. I am to share some information about myself
I am to nominate some of my favorite blogs
 I am to comment on their blogs to let them know I’ve awarded them.
The One Lovely Blog award asks me to share 7 facts about myself while the Sunshine Award has some specific questions for me to answer.
The Sunshine Award questions will effectively cover the 7 facts about me.

Favorite color: Blue
Favorite animal: Baby Elephant
Favorite number: 13
Favorite drink: Brandy & Lemonade
Facebook or Twitter: definitely Facebook
Good book or good movie: Book
Giving or getting gifts: Giving especially to family and close friends
My passion: Without a shadow of a doubt it is my family
Favorite day: with my son and daughter on their own.
Favorite flower: I don’t have a favourite I love all flowers.

 Well, hopefully I haven't bored you, now it's my turn to nominate these awards to some bloggers that have not only inspired me, but also supported me when I've needed it and we all need a bit of that at sometimes, so without much further ado I announce:

 I have given these 3 lovely ladies these awards because. Of many reasons.
Jane for giving me the 1st chance as a DT member. She does so much when not well.
 Barbara For her crafty inspiration. She also pushed me to do a blog.
 Janet for being Janet.
Barbara Janet and Elaine ( who doesn't have a blog for me to award.) Have been more than friends to me over the last few years. They have helped me through some unbelievably bad times. They are more like sisters, and I love them loads xxx


  1. Aww Joan, I've just started blubbing....honestly, tears rolling down me face. what a lovely thing to say xxxx Luv ya too, see you next month xx

  2. You deserve these awards and many more. Your blog is full of the most beautiful creations. You are an inspiration, a lovely friend and a worthy fellow trouble maker. I'm proud to be on the naughty step with you. xxxx

  3. Thank ladies I mean every word, couldn't have done it all without your support xxxx