Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Christmas cards

Three cards I have just made. The 1st one is for my wee Kate. The 2nd one is for my friend Leslie. The 3rd for my wee Ryan, who I have yet to meet. Just one more to do now for the Man himself. Then that's it for another year phew.

This one I did on Cap  then I printed the tag and the figure out and put on separately.

This one doesn't show on here but it is all gold and cream. I think it looks a lot nicer in the flesh.
This is a Popcorn the bear card. First one I have made with him. I don't think Ryan will take much notice, but Kate might lol

I hope you like my cards and please leave me a comment. xxx


  1. All the baby card the most...would've glittered the snowflake though ;-)

    1. Hmm I did think about it but it is silver mirror card. So I decided I would leave it. I was also concerned in case Kate got it on her, then on Ryan ..

  2. Fab cards, baby's first Christmas, how exciting! Mum'll prob keep the card to show him when he's older and he'll love it.

  3. Gorgeous Joan, they're all beautiful, sure they'll all be gratefully received xxx

  4. They're all lovely, but I just love the second one.

  5. Three beautiful cards Joan and all so different! I think I love the second one best? Xxx

  6. These are all beautiful Joan! I too love the second card!

    Linda xxx

  7. Absolutely beautiful cards xxx