Monday, 31 December 2012

Out with the Old and in with the New

Well what a mixed bag this year has been. We started it off in early March by losing a very dear member of the family. Then the wedding of my lovely Son and the gorgeous Nina. We then then had a birth, our lovely wee Great nephew Ryan. So we had a Hatched Matched and Dispatched year, but in the reverse order.
So I thought I would show you the last Card I made for this year, and the first card made for the next year. So we are off and running. Will try to keep ahead of trouble, and hope you all do the same. Happy New Year to all of my lovely Blogland friends. Here's hoping it is all you wish for and more. Thanks for keeping my spirits up when I have needed it. I'll raise my glass to you all  sláinte  xxxx


  1. Both beautiful cards Joan. Love your hatched matched and dispatched expression lol x. Thanks to you for all your support this year all the very best for 2013 xxx

  2. Two beautiful cards Joan! I look forward to visiting you in 2013 and wish you a Happy New Year.

    Linda xxx

  3. Great cards Joan......and an early start to your 2013 creations, wow, hope it continues. Have a great year ahead, much better healthwise than 2012 xxx

  4. Happy New Year Joan, I love your hatched, matched and dispatched phrase, I've never heard that before? Brilliant!

    These cards are both stunning, love them both xxxx

  5. Love both of these Joan ... but my fave is the blue one.. very pretty ribbon. Hope 2013 is enjoyable for you. xxx

  6. Hatched, Matched & Despatched LOL I love it & never heard it before .... I also didn't realise that you make cards & fantastic cards at that, these are really lovely
    Jane xx